Received less BAT in Uphold than Brave reports

For some time now I had the feeling that in some months I was receiving less BATs in Uphold than Brave reported. So I took screenshots on the last day of June to check it (June 30, 2023) on my Linux machine and my Android phone, both associated with the same Uphold account:


Uphold reports that I received on July 7 a total of 3,05500 BAT corresponding to the month of June, when on my Android phone it indicated 6,842 BAT and on my Linux machine 1,765 BAT. This is a screenshot of my Linux machine today (My android phone shows the same 11,117 BAT in “Your Balance”)

So is Uphold really depositing less BATs? or Could this be a Brave bug regarding what it reports?

I’m not sure how to do a more accurate check than just the screenshots, I don’t know if there is any way to see the detail of BATs from Brave every mont

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there is always a difference. brave reports estimated earnings not actual earnings. future versions will actually display a range to be less confusing.

But how big is that margin of error?
Adding up my Linux machine and Android phone I had about 8 BATs for June. Uphold reports that I have received 3.05500 BAT.

it varies. it’s been that big of a difference for me before. usually when that is the case some portion of the estimate rolls over to the next month.

i.e. brave shows 9bat estimate i receive 4 and my estimate remains 5 going into the next month

Hey. Actually Brave had an issue with NTP ads last month causing such a massive difference in payout for some users (including me). I had reached out to brave support at

They told me about this. So most likely the same for you too.

I’ll add that my difference was about 10 BATs or so lol


Thanks. I have the feeling that it also happened to me in some other previous month, but this month the difference between what Brave reported and what I had received was very big.

I see. Well, for me actually I think what Brave told me is true. I was getting a Brave talk NTP ad paying 0.3 BATs. That’s just too much. So yeah, I guess that is the NTP issue they are talking about

J’ai le même problème. Je pense que Brave souffre d’un bug…
Que faire???
Salutations. :smile:

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