Received less BAT than expected (had to receive 8.475 BAT, but i received 7.302) (+pics)

Here again with another problem… I’ve just received my BAT rewards in my Uphold wallet, but less than expected. I have 6 browsers installed (3 in PC and 3 in Android), all 6 connected with a verified Uphold wallet. Here are the correct BAT amounts, that had to arrive:

Brave (Android) 0.743
Brave Beta (Android) 0.773
Brave Nightly (Android) 0.6
Brave (PC) 2.261
Brave Beta (PC) 2.767
Brave Nightly (PC) 1.331


Here are the screenshots of the BAT amounts that were supposedly destined to my Uphold wallet.

Hope you can find a solution to this. If you need anything more, just tell me.


Hey. Payments are still processing

I’ll advise to wait till all payments have completed. Your BAT might arrive later even though there should be a single deposit. Also the difference is not much. People have seen the difference go be upto 70% sometimes so yea!

Hope there will be a second deposit, here in my country, that little difference it’s a lot.


Get used to it. Brave has been paying out less per month as of last November, they lowered the amount of users that could receive them and even cut off ads to users who are entitled to them. Just be thankful you had some at one point during their decline. They will claim this and that as a reason but its pretty clear whats happening with Brave and rewards.

Please, if anybody of the support staff can help me. Had to receive 8.475 BAT, but received 7.303 BAT, MISSING 1.172 BAT.
For more details, you can take a look at my recent post:

Here’s latest Uphold activity, still not receiving rest of the tokens

Would be glad to be helped

@JoseLuis Please don’t make duplicate topics for the same issue. I went ahead and merged the two together here. What you need to do for any payment related issues is to submit a Rewards Support Ticket at

Once done, Support handles it in the order received. On average it takes 3-5 business days to receive a reply, as they do keep busy with various requests. As to how long it takes to resolve, that varies on the problem.

Without that Support Ticket though, they won’t be able to help you. They’ll need some info there. Once you submit it, you should get an email with your ticket number. If you want to share that here, it might help them reference the case and possibly check in on it in case it’s something quick they can handle. Just be advised all follow-up will most likely be done via email, so you’ll need to keep an eye out on your Spam/Junk folders as well.

Thanks for the help, i’ll take note and do what you told me. :+1:

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Made my claim. Support ticket 184072

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