I Received 0.25 BAT on my all devices while I earned much more and that even not got added up in my balance(PLEASE READ FULLY)

I received only 0.250 BAT on all 3 devices I was using brave and brave says some ads dont count so there could be mismatch in payout and earned(i earned 4.067 BAT) how 60% ads can don’t count and on other device I earned only 1 BAT there also i got 0.250 how non counting ads can be so accurate that in total you will get 0.250 no matter how much you earned . and another thing is that i had connected verified gemini account i which there was 3.750 before this moth payout and on claiming it said your total is now 4 which is not even added up it still shows 3.750.


There seem to be a bug in brave side, because everyone has received 0.25 bat in today’s payment. But no official statement has been issued yet. I’ll just observe closely and hopefully there could be a fix maybe next week.

hopefully becauzw this mont i earned most but some users are saying same happened last month also but i didn’t noticed

Basing on everyday post here, yeah people experience similar instances way back then. But it’s far in between. it just that today, everyone did, so it’s not a single/few wallet issue but a brave system issue…

I also got the same number only 0.250 bats. But I earned 1.250.

If you received less BAT than expected please notes that All payouts to verified wallets are still processing. Payments to verified wallets and claims for unverified wallets will continue to process through next week. Thank you for your patience.

For updates you can follow the Banner topic Ads Payout Status Update.

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Then why it is not showing that. If I loosed those bats one thing is for sure I will uninstall brave today, for peanuts you guys will loose trust. And I thought they are disabling the content creators too so in future good contents will be hard to find. Everyone will start subscription based articles or content.

This time is not for joking. It’s a serious issue needed to be solved. Or things will start to change in a negative direction

Relax, they’re fixing it.

Sorry but i am talking about content creators and losses and fraud’s.

Oh, that’s a bit out of topic in this thread but that’s okay, I was referring to the 0.25 payout though which affects everyone for the April payout…

But here’s an advice. You should create a thread about that specific situation and elaborate your claims of fraud, etc… so that brave creators with similar issues can chime in.

ok I will try to do that ian

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My case is as follows: On the 1st of the month of April, the amount of rewards reached: 5,000 BAT approx. it was divided into two parts, leaving about 3,100 BAT as March rewards, and the rest became part of the month of April (¿?). But when the day came to claim them, these 3,100 BAT were lost, leaving only 0,250 to be claimed. I hope it was solved because on another occasion I already lost 5 BAT that were never returned to me. Although I remember that I communicated it I did not get any support. I have been using this browser for a year and a half and in general I really like it, but sometimes due to these bugs and the lack of support I have suffered I have started to consider possible alternatives, which for me would be frustrating because I believe and I like this project and I would like to continue supporting it.

Daybee, read this whatever Coward is paying us not at all going to be part of fortune in our lives. Chrome also used to show ads. Brave also show ads. And about privacy, I think if someone is really going to do something wrong with it they will just simply Pierce it like a canon bolt. Don’t think about that. So just support each other and have a great life for yourself too. Because these penny’s won’t be able to change our life but it would be able to do for some people’s life who really worked for it(Content Creators).

in my uphold Wallet march Token not credited yet ,can i known reason pls

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