reCAPTCHAs not showing up

I will try to put in a link here, because Brave said something about this before.

So there are problems on some sites with clicking on pages of that thing, but I have some site where the recaptcha window doesn’t come in. That must be a Brave issue.
With Shield off.
The Virgin login page.
And hear is a hungarian page I am trying to log in.
I see the recaptha in the lower right corner but no window. So if I want to log in, I have to use Edge.
Would be nice to figure this out.

Hello @NotThatSmart

does it make difference if you turn off the shield and if it does what is your shield settings? what your brave version? did you tried to lower the shield setting like allow all cookies or all all trackers and so on?

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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