Gets logged out, have to reCaptcha all the time, and some sites I can't even login

Been using Brave Browser for some time, There are some problems that is absolutely starting to piss me off.

First of all, Like I’ve seen many have problems with, I have to re-login to many sites every time I restart the browser. I’m not having “clear cookies etc on exit” I’m using Cookie Autodelete, and all sites I want to keep logged in are protected from deletion in there.

I’m using a VPN (plugin) and splitting the tunnel to several sites (using my normal IP where I don’t need too use VPN) I have gone through all settings I can find to try to remedy this annoyance without luck.

Another problem, Sites like the reCaptcha don’t work/show up at all. Several other sites I have to reCaptcha virtually forever without getting through /green checkmark.

another problem such as for I cannot even login, I put in my login/pw, my 2FA and then hit “OK/LOGIN” and the main page loads without me being logged in. I can not login in current state, It just refreshes the page and comes back without being logged in. If I clear all cookies etc for the site, It don’t even show the Login/PW window anymore when I click on “LOGIN” It just refreshes the page. Highly odd and confusing.

PS. I’m not using VPN on these sites (they are excluded through split tunneling) I have also tried to disable ALL my plugins and still don’t work, Disabling all plugins + clearing ALL cookies, cache don’t work. But Opening up an Incognito window works, or clearing ALL settings in Brave also works WITH all my plugins running, until it stops working again cpl days later (don’t have an exact timeframe for how long it works but it’s not long)

All sites workes perfectly on Edge browser, also after clearing/resetting all settings on Brave I am not changing any of the actual settings and everything works for a very limited time.

I have absolutely no clue what to do, as there’s no error messages no nothing, reCaptcha simply not showing up, goes on forever, or websites won’t stop “just refreshing” when logging in.

I can’t really say how to reproduce this as it just starts happening when it starts happening even after clearing/resetting the browser’s settings.

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