Reached cap on linked account to Brave Reward

Hello, I have been using brave reward for a while. I want to connect 3 of my devices to Brave Reward to get my money back. However, I have been using Brave on my old devices, and I have already reached my cap. I no longer use these devices, so I would like them to no longer count towards my Brave Reward cap.
Is there a solution?

So first go here… This will deal with your immediate problem

I do have a long term solution too, create a brave creators account at:

Link it to a YouTube account or Twitter account, link the other end to a gemini account as you’ve used all your wallets on uphold. (a very common problem that brave hasn’t had a real solution to)

Once you link all those accounts together tip your brave to your own YouTube account or Twitter account. You lose 5% of your BAT but that’s better then 100% of your BAT.

This also means you don’t have to deal with the wallet limit ever again because you can donate to one place and therefore you will only ever have one wallet on your account.

Self-tipping is highly likely to get your account flagged as fraudulent and you will lose those funds anyway. Please stop telling users to do this.
Please submit a wallet unlinking request here:

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When your software actually works correctly I’ll stop telling people, I waiting a year and a half and lost so much BAT on mobile that I considered BAT to be a scam currency. Something that only existed to be lost and give people the illusion they are getting something back… After all your company teams up with companies with a vey low wallet amount so users won’t get their BAT. And now you are saying it’s fraud to tip something to yourself that you earned properly… So tell me what do you expect people to do go through a forum every time and wait an indeterminate amount of time everytime they get a new phone? Because honestly if they flag my account as fraud I’ll just stop using brave rewards period since it’s a scam

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@Mattches when the software works properly especially for mobile users who upgrade phones every year and usually have a laptop or a tablet you can have an opinion on that… I found something that actually works. It’s taken years for you guys to even get anything working… You have a great browser but really shitty Crypto based stuff.

Thanks for answer @Mattches , I just created a ticket!
I have already earned about 50 euros with the Brave Rewards system so I trust them @shinymewy

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I personally don’t trust them I’ve lost 50 BAT the last time I upgraded phones and I’ve been unable to get anything out of my phone for a year and a half. Like they still don’t have any gemini support… I found a loophole where I donated 72 BAT to my own website as it’s the only reliable way to get BAT off of mobile. @antoinefarel @Mattches

a system to manage your linked accounts is in the works. yet though. no eta. But in the future you will be able to remove a “device” yourself to link a new one.
And yea. It is possible you lose creators BAT aswell. Since self tipping is not really allowed as mattches wrote above. I did it myself once since I was stuck at device limit aswell. But I wouldnt suggest it to anyone. Since it has a risk of losing everything.
I also lost some BAT here and there. But, the ads rates brave give you are higher than most other platforms. Usually a banner ad isnt even worth a penny or cent or whatever currenty you use.
So here you get a pretty good browser plus the ability to earn a little amount of moolah while using it by clicking something every now and then.
It is not perfect. But it seems to steadily improve.

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