Unable to Link Wallet

I am facing this issue that I can’t link my new PC to brave reward wallet. As it says that I have reached the maximum limit but I have only linked 2 devices through brave browser wallet. Kindly help me with this issue.

I am using the (new) Brave Wallet

@mrmehul It doesn’t always matter amount of devices, it matters how many times you’ve had browsers and all. In any case, you’ll need to complete a Wallet unlinking request form

Instructions can be found at the link below.

Also want to make sure to clarify. You say in one, Reward Wallet and speak of the maximum limit. This makes sense as this happens on Brave Rewards.

But then you mention Brave Wallet. This is something else entirely and I don’t know that you would have the issue you’re speaking on. I’d be curious to see a screenshot if that is the case. Just so you know, Brave Wallet is a self custody wallet, known as a hot wallet. It is unable to link to your Rewards at this time, so all BAT you earn from ads do not have anything to do with Brave Wallet.

Hello Saoiray,
I have attached the screen shot for your reference below

@mrmehul Oh, sorry I didn’t get to you. 2 days no response from me because it didn’t send me a notification. This is why I tend to always @ people so it will notify the person they have a response.

Anyway, your device limit reached means you hit 4 wallets linked in your lifetime. This can happen when using new devices or even uninstalling/reinstalling the browser. You will need to submit a Wallet unlinking request form . You can find details on where to find the information you needed for the form at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

I did say that before it seems, but repeating because it is important for me to validate what I said after you showed the screenshot. Hopefully you already completed the form and Mattches or other Support members can get it done for you soon.

Hello Saoiray,

I have filled and submitted wallet unlinking request form. But I didn’t received any reply from Brave Team and its been 3 weeks. I also tried to do verify my wallet but it is still showing the same error that I have reached the maximum number of linking the accounts.

@mrmehul Yes, it can take them a long time. I don’t know if you sent a DM to @Mattches or anything, but it can help. At this point though, I’m not sure what’s going on because they are in the process of getting rid of wallet limits.

This change is currently code-complete. However, actual release date (which won’t be tied to a Brave release #, since it’s back-end work), will depend on how testing goes, which is starting up now.

We are hoping within next couple weeks this will come into place, as long as there’s no issues. So you may just be stuck waiting for this to happen.

I did say “hoping.” Emphasizing that because officially, there’s no promises or timeline at all beyond what I quoted. It can be sooner or much longer, it all depends on whether things go smoothly in testing.

You can still try to reach out to Mattches to advise him you sent that request 3 weeks ago and see if he might be able to follow-up with you. Maybe he can get it done quickly here.

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