How to unlink devices

how to unlink devices and get support trying to re verify and it says i hit max devices error please help

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Yo can request manual removal.

For more information read

It may take a while bwfore you get a reply though, mine took over a month because support is probably swamped with people reaching devic limits.

I still cannoy believe they made it without an option to ‘release’ a device from using a spot that contributes to the limit. It all reminds me of the DRM of the game SPORE years.

Anyway I hope this will solve your issue soon

Same info I already posted, without the extra information.

nothing fix the problem, i’m very sad with this… =/

Brave Rewards seems a big lie, I, honestly, hope that the support change my opinion

Yes, I think you posted it while I was typing out my reply :grin:

Did you fill out the form and have received a reply back on it? It took well over a month before I received a reply back after filling out the form.

Also when I found I found out that the issue was caused by the uphold app and suggested yo them to look into thi, I actually received the same standard response back that they unlinked ally devices. Apparently they don’t even bother reading when you reply back to them…

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Yes, I filled out the form but i haven’t receive a reply. I got link my brave creator account on uphold, but I continue with the same problem with the browser =/

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