Re: BAT tokens in Brave reward wallet decreasing

I had over 100 BAT in each of my Brave reward wallets (one on Desktop and one on Laptop), The total amount of BAT is reduced to just over 70 BAT in each of the wallets very recently. And no BAT has been transferred to my Uphold account. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Thank you

@XRPBAT1027 did you self fund your wallet or earn BAT from Brave Ads? Or is it from grants? If it’s from grants, if not used within 90 days, it’ll be sent back to UGP.

Uncheck autocontribute in brave rewards page in desktop also you can see to where your bat got auto contributed in rewards page if not then it is sent back to ugp as @eljuno said or maybe you auto contributed to not yet verified publishers in that case if the bats are from adds recieved or you deposited they are returned back to the wallet after a time period

@eljuno please confirm the above and correct me also provide some more information if necessary

@XRPBAT1027 - I guess, your BATs (30 or something like that) were transferred to your uphold acount in the beginning of the month but your BAT amount on brave browser was decreased now only (at least that happend to me :slight_smile:

It seems that the same amount of 30+ BAT was deducted from both Brave reward wallets, and only 30+ BAT were transferred go Uphold not 60+ BAT. Aren’t the 2 wallets (1 on Desktop and 1 on Laptop) suppose to be separate wallets earn and contribute different amount of BAT to Uphold?

Thank you

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