Passwords in Manager randomly disappeared!

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  1. Updated Brave Browser mid-late October 2023
  2. Running on Windows 11Pro - OS Build 22621.2428 - 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  3. Woke up laptop, Brave Browser was open with all tabs up from previous session
  4. Open tabs were all logged out of websites, tried to login & no autofill PW worked, went to Password Manager & all websites/user names/passwords were GONE!
  5. No settings within the Brave Browser were changed as far as I know
    5a. Entered pw in a couple sites, saved - upon next opening of Brave, the newly saved pw were gone - again - no settings were changed within Brave settings profile
  6. Did not backup PWs in cvs file as I assumed they were safe on the browser.
  7. Can open Login Data file in Notepad & can see websites & user names
  8. Cannot decrypt using Python

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@danelledawn in terms of saying you want saved passwords back, you may be out of luck if you haven’t had it synced with other devices nor done any backups.

I’d suggest you check out NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue and try to provide some of the information requested in the normal post.

I’ll also tag @steeven and @mattches here just in case either has more to add.

Thanks Community Ninja :wink:
I have checked out the “NOTICE:…” page already & am doing everything in my power & limited knowledge to get the passwords back. I DID have the passwords synced on an Android tablet & phone (but did not have any backups - did NOT know this was necessary - my fault as I should know better), and they were deleted from each of those devices as well. I’ve tried the Python program (How to retrieve passwords from Login Data or decrypt them? - #3 by 236fe4e6280f4453eaf4 - I cannot get beyond #7 as I’m getting an error - I know just enough to be useful or dangerous in Cmd), as well as XenArmour which did bring out some older passwords, but nothing from within the last year. It’s a start at least to filling back in the blanks, but it would be so much nicer if I could just roll the computer back to the last known date all my passwords were still there.
I do still have all my bookmarks.
I will keep my eyes out for a real solution from Brave. Thanks

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