Questions about the new “Copy clean link” feature

  1. How to opt in?

  2. Does it make this extension obsolete?

Thank you.

Not super clear on the extension, will have to look into it. You do not need to opt into this feature, it is included in the update to v1.45.113 (available now).

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Thank you.
I’ll experiment a little, but would appreciate additional information.

@Passenger From what I’m seeing, I’m pretty sure it won’t make that obsolete. So far the copy clean link is just what it says. For it to work, you have to right click the link and then choose ``copy clean link`. It then takes that URL and strips it, then the User has to paste it in.

So is that how that extension works? Or does it process it just by clicking? I mean, I’d hope that Brave will eventually just get it so when we click on links while having clean link enabled (as a feature, if they’d add it to settings) would result in all links automatically having those things stripped. Not sure why they add the extra layers to do it.

Thank you.

Extension definitely not obsolete. It strips the link on the fly no matter how you got there.

I recommend it.

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