Strip tracking parameters (utm, fbclid)

I know this was requested for the legacy client already, but I wanted to submit this against the new chromium version so it gets some attention. Stripping stuff like utm and fbclid from the url’s seems like a huge win for privacy and something that isn’t that difficult to implement either (from looking at browser extensions that have done just that). I realize we could just use a browser extension for this, but considering that’s not an option on mobile it would be terrific if it was just baked into the browser by default :slight_smile:

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I second this feature request

Hi @Parasrah and @greg.kosa, thanks for the request. I will pass this along to the team.

I would also like to raise concerns about URL-embeded tracking parameters such as fbclid. At this moment users cannot opt-out from being tracked like this and I would expect privacy-centric Brave browser to remove such URL parameters before sending requests to the server.

@steeven I would like to voice my disagreement with this request.

Even though UTM parameters were created for Google originally, they are now universal across many use cases. UX designers/analysts use them to improve customer experiences across the web, and more benign marketing data use them for critical info, such as “this sale came from an email we sent to a voluntarily opted-in subscriber” - pretty innocuous. Voluntarily opted-in subscriber buys from a business s/he asked to get emails from.

As opposed to fbclid and gclid which take the approach of “capture everything about this person who has opted into nothing.”

I would like to see Brave allow UTM parameters.

And in general, that Brave take a more inclusive approach to making the web privacy-first. Creating your own browser and ad system is a brave, bold move and it needed to be done - kudos. But I don’t think it contributes anything positive to the small and local businesses out there trying to serve customers as best we can. In fact, it seems to be making it much harder for many of us.

Thank you for reading and considering my feedback!