Copy Clean Link broken

Just wanted to copy a few things for people,. but they all contained referral links. Such as

So I opened Nightly (version 1.48.5) and hit Copy Clean Link. I then pasted, but it was the same identical link as above.

From there, I went ahead and manually removed everything to end up with the ACTUAL clean link:

I have tested this on quite a few things now and they all seem to work the same way, which is that it doesn’t work. So as much as it claims in Nightly that we have the ability to Copy Clean Link, it just simply is a copy link for now.

The parameters you mention (ref, keywords, qid, sr) are not on the list of things Brave will remove when using the Copy Clean Link option. This is working as currently intended.

Hmm, I’ll have to look into it all more. If that’s the case, then that’s no good. I mean, it’s not like it’s from a campaign. That just was Google’s tracking based on me clicking through search results. Thought the point here was to prevent their tracking.

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There are filterlists that are much more effective at removing tracking/useless URL parameters than the built-in one. Unfortunately Brave repeatedly refused to add support for them, which means you have to install uBlock Origin for this sole function.

Meaning, are they just postponing it to do later on, or are they just not gonna do it? If it is the latter, then it is pretty bad.

Personally I have to use UBO only to use the Dandelion Sprout URL shortener filter list.

I know it because I’ve been following this exact topic since Brave introduced partial support in mid 2020 and not much later uBO introduced full support in late 2020. I kept a close eye on it mostly through one of the earliest Github issue about it and the dev twitter accounts mainly because it is the main feature I use with uBO on Brave. You can see with the numerous dev replies. The issue was also brought up on Twitter several times (only to be dismissed).

Meanwhile, Trash Solana and useless NFT scams got a higher priority.

@Mattches you have any ideas on this in regards to how it’s supposed to work and if changes are coming. Especially in correlation to the link I was talking about originally?

Closing this thread as it is quickly devolving. Implementation on copy clean link can be found here:

@Saoiray if you have more questions on this after reviewing the above information, please feel free to DM me.

Thank you.

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@Saoiray You are correct that the goal of the “copy clean URLs” convenience feature is to remove anything that’s not necessary for the URL to work. Generally, if it works with and without the parameter, than it’s fair game to remove as part of that feature. The exception of course is if we see breakage. For example, maybe (I didn’t check your specific example) these parameters are actually needed for the search functionality in Amazon to work.

That said, the custom list we currently have for this doesn’t yet have all of the entries it needs. Our longer-term plan is to move away from using our own custom list and switch to the Adguard list (contributing any rules we have that they don’t have yet). That requires support for the removeparam directive first and so that’s what we’re currently focusing on.

In the meantime, you are welcome to contribute additions to our custom list by opening a pull request against the clean-urls.json file. See this recent pull request to clean IMDB URLs for an example.

There is also a separate privacy feature (which is what @Mattches linked to) for removing cross-site user trackers by default. That’s different in that it only removes parameters that can track individuals via unique identifiers. It doesn’t remove all of the junk that is desirable to remove when one shares a URL for example.


Yeah, if it was like that, then I wouldn’t have mentioned. In this case, the part of the link that remained was a tracking link to let Amazon know that I was referred to that link through Google. Once I cut out the referral part, I was able to be left with just the link to Amazon. I had both URL to the same place there, one with the tracking part of it and one without it.

Thanks for the response. I know things take time, but definitely am hoping to see it improved and hopefully doing as I’m mentioning.