Native ClearUrl-like Feature

Great chrome add-on, would love it as a native feature

This feature is already available in the browser by using the Copy clean link feature:

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There is also $removeparam support, so you need to load a list, like the Adguard one, there is a small bug where not all the rules will work but it will be fixed soon, at least on Nightly.
Also, rules with regex don’t work.

Anyway you only need to add:


or per domain ||example.domain^$removeparam=test

and done.

Also, Brave has something called Query Filter but it is hardcoded and the list is limited, but anyone could create PRs to make it better.

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See also although I’m not sure how current this is.

Thanks! Didn’t know, but ClearUrl also actively cleans clicked links, not just cleaning up copied links, so I was kinda looking for something more like that :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s why the link I posted above is relevant.

There’s some subsequent links from there as well that I think describe the same thing; as well as some test pages.