Questions after Migrated to Brave

Hi. I just migrated from chrome to brave and it’s great. I removed many extensions such as ghostery, pop up blocker, ads blocker…

I have some questions:

1- I need a translation feature, in right click context menu to translate any page I want. Will this be added?

2- Google decided to remove HTTP://WWW from the domains in address bar, I’m developer and need to see complete address. So, I’m using suspicious site reporter to see the entire domain. Is there any settings in brave to do this that I can remove that extension too?

3- This extension is not working on brave:


This extension is not working too. I have purchased this before inside chrome, now when I want to add it, it sticks on INSTALLING and then changes to add to brave again.

Another premium extension that is not working on brave:

So, what’s the solution??!

I reported that chrome premium extensions are not working on brave, and no one is responding. Whom I should contact?!

Can you confirm that those extensions work in other Chromium based browsers?
Additionally, we have a feature request open on our Github page too add the option to display the full URL:

We offer the option to install the Google Translate extension by default after installing the browser – this is our current workaround given that we do not have an in-house translation system set up yet.

Hey @Mattches , thanks a lot for your response. All of those extensions are working fine on Chrome browser itself. Except the Link to Text Fragment, the others are premium. But it seems there is no way to install premium extensions on Brave, or did I miss something here?

Thanks for the feature suggestion page.

Is there any roadmap or feature requests regarding to in house-translation system that I can follow up?


So what’s the answer and solution @Mattches ?!

Might be related to something like “browser profile authentication” (?)

Hey thanks for helping @eljuno

I’m not sure, how can I know and what should I do?

I believe this issue is known but still not yet resolved. We have a similar case here with the Google “Keep” extension:

Thanks @Mattches, I checked the issue, it says Google extension installs, my problem here is that these premium extensions not install at all, I click on install, it freezes for some moments, then again show install button.

Please check this Gif, it’s 2 minutes:

Any update on this???!

Is anyone here responsible to fix this??

@Mattches @eljuno Can you please tell me where should I contact? Why no one responds here?!

Is this the only premium extension that you’re unable to install? Or does this happy for any/all premium extensions?


All premium extensions I have, including:

Thank you for the information. I will be opening an issue on our Github for the developers to review. Can you confirm for me what Brave version you’re using, as well as whether or not you’re on a Windows 10 or Windows 7 operating system?


Thank you so much.

Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10

Issue can be tracked here:

I really appreciate, thanks.

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