Question & answer service

@danny94 Hi and welcome to the community! :smiley:

I think this is a much needed feature. As it stands, in the Brave Community forum, there isn’t really a place to post question and answer topics. The forum seems to be mostly geared to problems and feedback. Sometimes, I just have a question… isn’t a problem and isn’t feedback!

The Uncategorized category is going away and it requires approval of posts anyway. Not sure if this is because it if going away or if this is how it’s always been. I’m a newbie. lol

The Misc category is just strange. This is the about link for the category:
About the Misc category

I guess if you were trying to create a new Q&A category, this would be the place. I wonder if you could integrate tipping into the Community forums?

In general, I would prefer this feature to be integrated into the Community forums. I hate bouncing around to different places. Github, Brave Help Center, Brave Community, reddit, ugh. Too much in too many places!! lol

I’m going to give this my vote. I think this could be a great feature addition. :smiley:

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