Help Center & Brave Reward

I downloaded the new Brave browser today. One thing I noticed in the menu is that there is no “Help Center” link. How are customers suppose to find help if they have a problem? This is a big problem in my opinion. It gives the impression that you don’t want to be bothered by your customers.

Brave Rewards is interesting but right now it seems the only options are for auto reoccurring monthly payments. I’m not interesting in this. I would be interested in making one time donations with the amount of my choosing. Also, you need to offer auto-payment as low as .50 cents. A couple of dollars to multiple sites can quickly add up. There is also a danger to this. The internet is basically free. If everyone starts charging then it defeats the purpose of the internet.

Thanks for the feedback @Daram

cc @rebron2000 @sriram for the menu

Did you already try Tip feature? This one can be one-time tipping. Click Brave Rewards icon at URL bar (triangle, BAT logo), there you will see Tip button.


Hi Eljuno

Thank you for your reply. I saw that and read the info on it but I was lead to believe that it was for reoccurring payments only. I understand it now.

Questions about Tips and Auto-Contribution. If you tip someone on YouTube, does the money get sent thru YouTube of does it go directly to the user? I would prefer to tip the user directly and bypass any money going through YouTube or Twitter. Something like Patreon. But I’m not sure is BAT is set up to do this or not.

Also, in the new Brave, I would like to see the link for the Help Center be put back in the drop down Menu. It’s way too difficult to find.

Apologies if you had trouble finding the links, but there are actually quite a few places that link you to the Help Center.

But just for your reference, you can get to the Help Center directly by going to

@Daram, it’ll be sent to the channel owner. Make sure it show “Channel name on YouTube” on the panel. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Mattches, IIRC prev. Brave (muon) had “Help center” that linked to Community page listed in menu bar. For Windows user that no longer have menu bar, it’ll harder to find the link. Maybe add that link to hamburger menu? :slightly_smiling_face: