Brave Rewards for dummies



Much of the discussion on Brave Rewards focuses on publishers, and very little on users. Yet, for users things are not easy at all and it would be great if Brave could:
(a) create a very simple and very visual guide on how to use BAT rewards
(b) conduct a thorough usability assessment of the page brave://rewards

Here are e.g. some issues I am confronting as a user on brave://rewards:

  • there is no menu item in Settings to get to brave://rewards (also called “Reward Settings”). I can only get there by clicking on the triangle on the right of the URL bar
  • why do I have to claim extra BAT tokens and are they not given automatically?
  • why is the minimum BAT token contribution different depending on the profile I have (I have two profiles on Brave - a personal and a professional one - and the minimum is 15 BAT in one and 20 in the other)?
  • are all sites listed under “Supported Sites” sites that have signed up to BAT Rewards? So can I assume that they all receive BAT rewards, correct? Even though my list contains some rather obscure sites that are unlikely to have heard of Brave? If not, what happens to these tokens - who gets them in the end?
  • how can I easily see which sites have really signed up to BAT Rewards?
  • a contribution went wrong a few months ago due to lack of funds, so now I am stuck with a next contribution date of November 2018, that I cannot change
  • “Exclude this site” doesn’t work. It just opens us a pop-up but doesn’t eliminate a site
  • copying the URL “brave://rewards” results in a paste “chrome://rewards”. I don’t want chrome.
  • the Tips section is not working at all


cc @chriscat @Mattches
Thanks for the feedback @vdb. :slight_smile:

BAT Community have some video about it


@vdb, we’re working on stuff like this right now! Appreciate your patience while we get this stuff pushed out!


useful videos, thanx for posting, for me is best way to learn, so please keep em coming :slight_smile:


I look forward to answers to @vdb’s questions: they’re very apt.

I made the following cheat sheet that illustrates what would have helped me get started. I also highlight a couple questions that your GUI leaves unanswered:

  • Why is the “Next Contribution Date” always in the past?
  • What is the purpose of the blue hexagonal icon next to a site name?



Hi all, total newbie here. We’re a group of “yellow jackets” in France who launched a permanent TV channel online. Can you tell if the distribution of rewards for free through ads is already implemented ? If not, any ETA ? Otherwise, viewers need to buy BAT on Binance in order to process some payments ? Thanks!


Ditto this request. I would like some sites I frequent to accept BAT, but how do I explain to them why it’s beneficial to them, how to accept them, and how to use them? I will look at the videos, but there are so many of them it’s hard to know where to start. Thanks.