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A request of mine would be a question & answer service like propably quora.

Braves inbuilt bat gift feature would be really helpful to make this free service useful, because it gives the opportunity to gift some bat to the most helpful answer.

This would lead to more people answering questions to generate some bat in free time, aswell the answers would be of higher quality as the user would gift only to the most helpful answer.
Tough a downside could be people spaming on each question to obtain gifts and it could be very less people gifting bat [maybe a very small fee could be required to pay for asking a question and gifted automatically to best answer, this would eliminate bad/lazy questions].

This feature could be integrated in the brave search engine, as search engines very often lack of usefulness.

Rather than doing this, they can easily integrate BAT rewards for quora.
Eg, right now BAT rewards are integrated into Github (tech developers use this site). On github users also do Q&A of software or solve bug fies. So, I have a tech question, and you give me a precise answer for it or in general help, I will simply tip you.

They have said they are adding more and more websites for brave rewards (on creators side like youtube/ websites etc). In next year, it might be quora.

@danny94 Hi and welcome to the community! :smiley:

I think this is a much needed feature. As it stands, in the Brave Community forum, there isn’t really a place to post question and answer topics. The forum seems to be mostly geared to problems and feedback. Sometimes, I just have a question… isn’t a problem and isn’t feedback!

The Uncategorized category is going away and it requires approval of posts anyway. Not sure if this is because it if going away or if this is how it’s always been. I’m a newbie. lol

The Misc category is just strange. This is the about link for the category:
About the Misc category

I guess if you were trying to create a new Q&A category, this would be the place. I wonder if you could integrate tipping into the Community forums?

In general, I would prefer this feature to be integrated into the Community forums. I hate bouncing around to different places. Github, Brave Help Center, Brave Community, reddit, ugh. Too much in too many places!! lol

I’m going to give this my vote. I think this could be a great feature addition. :smiley:

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Thats not working because the chance you find a person asking a question using brave or a person answering using brave is just to small because of browser distribution.
And non brave user will never now that this possibility exist.

To make this happen they need to build around this idea or partnering up with quora (i dont think quora will advertise brave witouth money)

But i like it tough they plan to include the tip button to q&a sites.

My suggestion wasnt about this forum, i was talking about a complete different service like brave search.
Anyway it does not make sense you stop helping if people can or can not send you some BAT. At which time it got a bad idea to give someone something in return if he helped you, on a voluntary basis.
Its like work, you do stuff for someone and he gives you money in return. Do you stop working than if you recieve money for it ? If yomeone really deserve a tip for his help than it feels good for the tipper and for the reciever ;D.

@Go-go_duck You made some valid points that I hadn’t even thought about. I was just running with topic as presented and threw in my own “wish list”. lol

I still think a Q&A category or an off-topic type category could be a good thing. It would be community members helping community members type thing. No support moderators needed unless they just want to drop in. Actual problems would need to be addressed in one of the support categories. Might even relieve some of the, uhm, hate to call it this, spam posts in the support categories.

But, yep, I have to say I agree, the rewards integration in the community forums aspect is a bad idea. :grin: I definitely support anything that could help free up resources to improve the browser.

However, I do think the vote system is a good idea. It is kind of like a brainstorming session. Gives you ideas of things you may not have thought about or even what might be really popular and easily implemented into the process instead of having to go back and reinvent the wheel later on down the road.

Afterall, the vote system seems pretty harmless. I have yet to see a Feature Request topic get enough votes to even be considered for implementation… maybe it’s because I’m a newbie and don’t know nothing about nothing. :laughing:

Thanks for the thought lesson. Appreciate you pointing out the cons. Take care. :smiley:

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Avoid talking this sort of stuff on the forum.