Brave Mass Adoption Tactic

So the concept here is based on leveraging the amount of a BAT reward given to a Brave Creator that gets rewarded with BAT for signing up new Brave Users. If the Brave Creator were allowed to return some percentage of the Brave Creator’s BAT reward back to a new Brave User that downloaded, installed, and used brave for 30 days then new users could signup knowing that they will receive some percentage of BAT for using a particular Brave Creators link.

On a larger scale, if say a franchise chain store had a Brave Creator account they could even offer new U.S. Brave Users something like a $5 gift card at their store if they downloaded, installed, and used Brave for 30 days. The store gets $2.50 in BAT free and clear from each successful signup right out of the gate and one of the retailer’s customers gets a free $5 gift card which, is of course, redeemable at that retailer’s various stores so they will either make back the $5 or the customer will never use the gift card and the store gains again, and Brave gets much wider adoption audience because common people will be seeing the Brave logo at their favorite stores. I have an additional idea to further promote Brave to national chain retailers but will save that idea pending the outcome of the replies to this idea. Anyone from the Brave Team is welcome to message me anytime.

That above could tie into another thing I am doing right now over the FB Marketplace. My family created what we have dubbed the Free~ish Store. In this Free~ish Store my family has three basic options for someone to acquire something from the Free~ish Store. Two of those acquisition methods are basically irrelevant to this post and the irrelevant two are trading and maco, or making a cash offer. Now the third basic option is the Free~ish option and the Free~ish basic option includes, at this point, 2 different possibilities. I am adding more Free~ish options as new options occur to me but the 2 Free~ish options include…

(pasted from a template used to reply to messages received from FB Marketplace users)

Free~ish Option Number 1.

Volunteer 1 hour of time at some local non-profit agency and my family will gift you with $10 worth of goods from my family’s Freeish Store. Note that, my family will confirm that an hour of volunteered time was actually completed by someone at that chosen non profit before gifting the $10 worth of goods from my family’s Free~ish Store.

Free~ish Option Number 2.

Sign up for Walmart Grocery Pickup using a link my family will provide. If you go to Walmart’s website using my link and sign up for there free grocery pick up service and then you place your first grocery pickup order of at least $50, you get $10 off of that first purchase, and my family will get a $10 coupon code from Walmart because you used my family’s link. On top of that my family will give you $10 worth of credit in the Free~ish Store.

Now the reason I bring all this up is because I want to use new Brave User signups as another Free~ish method for acquiring items from my family’s Free~ish Store but the problem is the Brave Creator Referral Stats do not allow me to identify who has actually downloaded, installed and used Brave for 30 days. So I would never actually know who used Brave for 30 days and essentially earned some kind of credit in my Family’s Free~ish Store but the idea in the first paragraph above would solve that problem because a new Brave User would automatically receive BAT after 30 days because the Brave Creator set a percentage of BAT to be reward to the new Brave User.

I have also thought that, at a minimum, if I could just tell when, emphasis on when, a particular new Brave User downloaded, installed, and used Brave for 30 days from my Brave Creator link that led to me receiving BAT for that new Brave User’s signup then I could, at least, manually give them credit in my family’s Free~ish Store by sending them some promised percentage of BAT because I am not getting massive amounts of people downloading from my Brave Creator link yet and tracking a new Brave User would be feasible with so few and intermittent downloads. The Brave Creator Referral Stats just doesnt allow enough detail for me to figure out who may have actually downloaded, installed and used Brave for 30 days leading to my Brave Creator account being rewarded with BAT for that users signup.

Even Further, after more, and more, Brave Users in my local area sign up for Brave then my family’s Free~ish Store will even start accepting BAT for acquiring new items from my family’s Free~ish Store furthering the adoption of Brave to new users as more locals start to realize they can exchange BAT earned from Brave browsing to acquire items from other locals without the need to use cash. Please realize this approach of exchanging BAT for items is meant to draw in the more common folk that think a block chain is just a series of metal links meant to be attached to a cement brick. :wink:

If anyone reading this wants to support my efforts to bring more ideas to Brave then please feel welcome to distribute my Brave Creator referral link to anyone interested in signing up new Brave Users then please feel totally welcome to distribute my Brave Creator referral link anywhere you want. If I had a way to share the BAT Reward I would but at this point my hands are tied. Anyway, my Brave Creator referral link is…