Add Adguard Annoyances filter in chrome://adblock

I need the Adguard Annoyances filter in Brave on Android, for blocking annoyances that Fanboy and uBlock annoyances lists do not block.

I hope this filter list can be added, since it can be useful, especially on the Reddit amp pages that appear in Google search results.

Hi @cbw

We don’t support any of the native Adguard format, strictly just uBO style here

The Adguard Annoyances filter can be used in uBO without causing issues, I have tried it in Brave desktop.

And shows that uBlock Origin supports the filter.

Now in Brave Android, I have copied “AdGuard Annoyances Filter - Mobile App Only” into the custom filters field, and it worked without causing issues.

But I could not copy the full Adguard Annoyances filter into the field, because it is too large, I still hope that Adguard Annoyances filter can be added as an option in chrome://adblock.

I checked both mobile and standard lists. We don’t support any of the #$#, #%# rules. A partial implementation will break a quite few sites.

Example:$#body { background: none!important; }

The first filter would be applied (since its a standard filter), but the other would be ignored. Causing overlay issues. uBO converts many of these filters, unfortunately we don’t.

Cosmetic fixes are coming to Android, and improve cosmetic filtering, like using Fanboy Annoyances. Even subscribing to these lists, cosmetics were not being applied.

@fanboynz Thank you for the reply.

I was just trying to block the popup at the bottom, on Reddit amp pages that appeared in Google search results, because there was no way for me to disable that, other than using the AdGuard filter.

So is it possible for you add a rule in your Annoyances list to remove that popup?

It will really help a lot since all I need is to remove that popup, if that popup can be removed, I don’t really need the AdGuard filter.

@fanboynz An example of that is viewing this page in the mobile browser.

uBlock Annoyances fixes the app warning. Test in Brave Beta, with Fanboy Annoyances + Ublock Annoyances, no app request.

I already have both Annoyances lists enabled in Brave, but still getting that popup.

With these two lists, the popup is blocked on, but on, the popup still appears, please try to visit the link above, in the Android browser, and you will see that the popup is not blocked.

Is this in Brave Beta?

Here is my before and after in Brave Beta with uBlock Annoyances disabled, and then enabled.

I used Brave Stable, but I have just also tried it in Brave Beta, in both versions, the popup still appeared on

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that, if you visit directly, you will be redirected to

So to test it, please just visit a Reddit amp page that appears in Google search results like this one.

I’ll take look later, to try to replicate it

Give it 24-48hrs.

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After waiting for more than 2 days, the popup on still appears on Android, but it is blocked on PC (even with a mobile user agent).

I have enabled the Annoyances lists on both PC and Android.

Is it because the lists in Brave Android are still not updated automatically?

Okay, try this

  1. Ensure you have both Annoyances lists enabled in brave://adblock
  2. Update adblock in brave://components/ (1.0.871 +) and uBlock Annoyances List (1.0.92 +)
  3. In brave://flags enable #brave-adblock-cosmetic-filtering
  4. Restart Browser, and retest…
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After trying these steps, the popup still appears on Android.

The popup is not always shown, if I click the link above to the amp Reddit page, the popup is blocked.

But if I just open the same page directly by clicking the Google search result, the popup still appears.

I’m not seeing the “requires app” overlay once Once enabling #brave-adblock-cosmetic-filtering in brave://flags. I did notice the same issue that refresh helps before hand.

The flag is enabled on my phone, the popup still appears, if I open the amp page from Google search.

But if I refresh that page, the popup is blocked.

The Adguard Annoyances mobile app filter can always block the popup without having to refresh, in Brave Android, could you try to change your filter to fix it?

Maybe try comparing what Adguard has blocked on Reddit?