Brave Rewards payout low for 2 months & account flagged

In November and December I received much less than I should have. In November I received .25 BAT, and in December I received .5 BAT, when both times they should have been at least 12 BAT. Now my account is flagged, and I have an open ticket that no one has responded to since December 8, when I got the automated response notifying me of my request, but no follow up. My ticket# is 169613. I have no idea why my account is flagged. It happened once before, but it was reinstated. Any help I can get will be great. Thanks.

I use Brave on MacOS - v1.46.144

My account was verified with Uphold in 2019, but is not connected now.

I’ve received payments in the past 2 months, but they were too low. I suspect January will be the same.

I do not use a VPN

I’m a USA(Texas) user.

if you have been waiting since the 8th with no update I’d recommend dming brave support on twitter with your ticket number. I have had better luck getting responses there.

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