Brave Referral Not Updating

My referral status is not updating. It’s showing last updated 1 day ago. Although,my last payout is not being credited yet to my uphold. There is some error showing. Kindly look at it

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It’s often quite slow around payout time, you should see it updating when the payout will be made i guess (you should get also an email when the payout will be done btw)

But my referral status is not updating also.

Hi @Gamingbatra01 - please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

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@steeven email link sent.

I experienced the same thing !!

I am also presenting the same case @steeven the update bar has not appeared, is something happening that we do not know? Could you help us or give us some information please

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I did not get an answer ??!!

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