Account flagged and review refused

Our account was flagged, and having raised a support ticket we’ve been told that this won’t be reinstated.

So essentially, despite having signed up as Brave Creator, verified my site, created a KYC account on Uphold and not using a VPN they’re still essentially confiscating earnings, without an explanation and with no chance of appeal?

After years of using Brave without an issue, having created an account on Uphold simply for the sake of using Brave, they’ve thrown away that heard earned trust in favour of keeping any earnings from my site to themselves.

This does not feel like the behaviour of a company in which I can have confidence.

I genuinely don’t understand what it is they think we’re supposed to have done. Haven’t even used a VPN (except for work, and I don’t even use Brave on the work PC)

You are suspended from Rewards but you can still earn as a verified Creator, and they aren’t keeping the earnings from your site. I’m in the exact same position, Rewards permanently suspended (I think it was the fault of my VPN) but my Creator accounts are fine.

Well, I’m transitioning away from Brave now. Support like this leaves a very poor impression.

Hello @zippy72 any new news? i really do not understand why our account was flagged? was it because i nearly stopped working/playing with the computer and brave while we where in vacations?

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