Problems with Importing Passwords

I’ve used a github code called Get_Safari13_Passwords to export all my safari passwords that I got to work and have them all on a .csv file on my mac desktop. When I try to import them into Brave, nothing happens except for the three dots for the menu that opens the import/export passwords light up. I’ve enabled the flag for password importing but I still can’t get it to work. What should I do?

You actually don’t need to enable that particular flag anymore – I believe it’s enabled by default now. Additionally, Safari passwords are saved to they Keychain on macOS and I don’t believe they can be imported other than using an external tool, which is why I’m sure you used the tool that you did.

The Import passwords option does work generally so I imagine the issue lies with the formatting or the .csv sheet that it generated. What I would do is, if you have any passwords in Brave or Chrome (if you don’t, you can login and get one or two on there), try exporting those passwords as a .csv. Then, open the file and compare it to the one generated by the Github tool you used and see if the formatting is correct.


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