Importing passwords from Safari?

Is there any way to import my Safari passwords?

If you are running a mac with Safari, this appears to be unsupported. On a mac, Safari saves passwords in the keychain. Those keychain items are not exportable.

If you are running Safari on Windows, situation might be different.

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@carla_rogers is mostly correct about macOS passwords on the keychain – however, unless something has changed with the most recent macOS update, you can still import your passwords into Brave but you need to give Brave full disk access first. We have instructions for this here:


Might be just me. I could import passwords from FireFox but not Safari.

I gave Brave full disk access per the instructions.

To import bookmarks, I followed the instructions, to open the Brave menu, using the icon in the upper right, then hovered over bookmarks, then selected Import Bookmarks and Settings

From there, when selecting to import from Firefox, passwords are included in the list of things to import.


However, when selecting Safari, the only type of data shown to be available is Favorites/Bookmarks, nothing for passwords.

If you are getting a different result, I would very much like to know that. Thank you.

Apologies I think that’s my mistake. I believe you’re correct and we are presently limited to Favorites/Bookmarks since access to keychain information is restricted. I’ve reached out to the team to confirm but I believe you’re correct.

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