No option to import passwords from Safari

When I first downloaded Brave, I had no option for importing anything from Safari. After browsing some forums, I saw one that said I had to give Brave full disk access. I did that, and sure enough, the option to import from Safari was in the list upon restart. That said, it did not import my passwords. I was able to export them from Safari as a CSV but when I tried browsing for a file Brave was only looking for an html file only.

Brave Version 1.44.108

MacOS: Catalina, 10.15.7

Safari: 15.5

Are you saying that right? Because if you go to Passwords and then import, you get this notification:

New Tab - Brave 10_7_2022 09_17_53

Passwords are imported as CSV. Bookmarks are imported as HTML. I’m wanting to guess you somehow were in the wrong area?

Passwords = brave://settings/passwords and click the hamburger menu (three dots) next to the word Add. Then choose to Import passwords, should get the prompt I did the screenshot for, and then you Choose File and should default to looking for CSV.

I’m just wanting to verify that is indeed what you’re doing and confirm it’s not letting you look for or select CSV. Otherwise hope is you were just in the wrong part of the menu somehow and things should be fine.

Thank you for the response. That explains something anyway. I don’t have a Passwords menu item. Thus, no option to go to Passwords and import. I have looked at every menu and also in the Brave settings page but don’t see the option anywhere. Thanks again!

@amendoza0128 If you copy/paste what I showed, which is brave://settings/passwords is that not going to it? Passwords is kept in Autofill part of settings if you try to navigate to it manually. So it would be SettingsAutofillPasswords

Thanks. I had been there before but didn’t realize you had to click on the three dots to pull up the import option.

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