Mac OS: Keychain integration

One of the reasons I stiff use Safari is keychain integration. I have zillions of passwords in my keychain and I’m not in the mood to put them in a Brave-only keychain, thus requiring me to maintain multiple keychains.

I attempted to import them by activating brave://flags/#PasswordImport but the only import options are Chromium and old versions of Brave. I also enabled brave://flags/#google-password-manager but saw no difference whatsoever.


To use the password import function, you’ll need to have the file (passwords) already exported as .csv file. Open your Keychain, find your Safari passwords and select them all --> File --> Export Items....

Once exported, open Brave, Settings --> Passwords --> 3-dots menu --> Import Passwords...

The Export Items menu item is, as far as I can tell, always disabled (on both High Sierra and Mojave). Here’s what I see in Keychain Access on Mojave when trying to export a random website password:

I’m still trying to figure out if you guys actually support the macOS Keychain and all the password items stored therein by Safari. If you do, please describe EXACTLY how to make those items available in Brave. I think you’re going to get a lot more switchers if you clearly document the process (assuming it’s actually possible).

This isn’t an issue with Brave – it’s actually not possible (without going through several technical workarounds) to export macOS password/keychain data in this way. The Keychain is designed in this way – so if you were using Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi or some other browser, you’d get the same results.

For me, it’s not an import feature that I’m looking for, but really the integration of Keychain as primary password manager in macOS, notably because on the iPhone/iPad, it’s the iOS keychain that is used - and as my entire company (ok we are 3, but still) is working on the mac ecosystem (macbook + iPhone), it’s tricky for me to push my two colleagues to switch to Brave because of that…

I really understand that this feature may be at the bottom of the priority list (it’s labelled P5 in Github), but is there some documentation accessible to help us understand why it’s tricky/not feasible (a discussion that I certainly have missed somewhere)?

Other non-mac softwares are granted access to a part of the Keychain (FTP softwares, backup softwares…), so if we can understand the bottleneck, we may have someone in our local ecosystem to contribute on Github for that specific item.


Unfortunately it’s not a simple fix – most browsers and apps do not leverage the keychain nor can they. It seems that Keychain integration was removed form the underlying Chromium engine some time ago:


Many thanks @Mattches
This helps a lot to understand the background of that decision…
Scrolling the forum and the FAQ, I wasn’t able to find a reference to a password manager that could be used as a fallback plan. Did I miss something?

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By fallback do you mean something you can use in lieu of the Keychain? Just any password maanger?


yes, is there an (un)official list of password managers that work with Brave (or even are supported by?)

Any extension compatible with Chrome/Chromium will work in Brave as well. Some examples:

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Have you found a solution? I’m also wishing for proper Keychain integration.


Same as the thread starter, only reason for me not to switch is keychain integration.

I am aware that this for now is impossible due to apple’s requirements to make use of the keychain. Only way Brave could integrate this would be to make an Appstore version of brave. Problem here is the restrictions Apple puts on Appstore developers and updates would be way slower.

Are there any other options to keep the keychain in sync with Brave browsers password manager? For example an app that syncs passwords between Brave and Keychain? Don’t mind running a daemon/service to keep both synced.

Something like this would be nice from Apple for MacOS:


Same as everyone here, keychain is my main password saver so integration is what I need.

Co-sign on this. I actually do use Brave as daily-driver on macOS, but all the copy-pasta from Keychain is very dull. Integration would be amazeballs.

You have to export Safari passwords not from the keychain in the System Prefences… but instead form the Safari Prefences > Passwords > 3 dots > export all passwords.

If only Brave for iOS/iPadOS could get ported to macOS :slight_smile: perhaps as “Apple Silicon”-only…

(off topic: a port could then also inherit the excellent “youtube download”-feature…)