Can't Import passwords from Chrome

New user to Brave. Trying to import my passwords from Chrome on a desktop Mac. OS and Brave versions up to date.

I have tried the import option from the initial set up of Brave option, but it only imported 4 apparently random passwords (from 100s).

I have gone into Brave settings - ‘Import Boomarks and Settings’, selected ‘Saved Passwords’ - but still the passwords are not imported.

I have then gone into Chrome and exported a csv file containing my passwords and gone into Brave password settings to import them, but I can find no ‘import’ option.

I have searched Brave community for solutions and found that if I go to brave://flags I can find #PasswordImport and enable it - but #PasswordImport does not exist.

This seems preposterously difficult and time-consuming for something so simple. What am I missing that means Brave will not import bookmarks from Chrome?

Any help much appreciated.

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