Problematic brave browser

Yet again webpage buttons that don’t work with brave. (I can’t link it, as it is a webpage that requires me to log-in. No, I didn’t check whether it was trackers, ads, or cookies shield. I get so tired of brave always failing, that I instantly switch to another browser.) Brave ever continues to force its ad-blocker, or other shield, down webpages’ throats. If only there would be a default brave browser that would prioritise the functionality of webpages

You are not forced to anything and Brave only does what Filter lists say it should do, that’s why people improve the lists, and that’s why there are 30 million ways to turn Shields off or the adblocking off or the fingerprinting off individually, they even made it easier to turn shields down and see the list in Stable. brave://settings/content/braveShields so you can easily add/remove sites from there.

I mean, you can even improve lists yourself or make custom filters fixing your own problems.
But sure, adblocker = bad and forced and a terrible idea by Brave to natively protect users from tracking, ads and malware and other garbage, while give users (most) control about it /sarcasm

Maybe you can start by doing the things properly.
Make/set your post in the proper category, which is Ad-blocking, give the page you are having problems with, and describe the problem when and where it happens, show screenshots if you can and console screenshots, the more information the better, then Brave team will try to figure it out and try to fix, whatever the problem is, Network, cosmetics, a scriptlet injection a CSP rule etc.

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Is there an issue regarding the adblock, you can also disable it globally (or a site-by-site basis). But like with any adblock software it’ll improve perfomance and speed when enabled. We’re also improving Adblock to be more reliable.

We sync with Chromium source, so changes are upstream within 24hrs normally. We don’t need to prioritise anything here.

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Like, you tell the user to take effort. Clearly brave doesn’t desire the gratification of the user.

With the huge number of web pages out there and the variety of hardware on every computer using Brave, it’s impossible to account for every possible issue on every possible device on every possible web page. I think what we’re all hoping to do is to present you with the tools to be able to diagnose problems and a place to come when you have questions or can’t make things work.

It 100% is possible. As Shields are always to blame, the solution lies with Shields. Instead of changing Shields to every single webpage, put a message on a webpage to tell users when Shields are breaking a webpage, and under that message give users the option to disable Shields for that broken webpage.
The solution is dead simple. For some reason do brave devs and other brave forum users make this complicated. They all say ‘well, I don’t want what makes it gratifying for users’. Great, those idiots deserve a medal.

Jordy, honestly, just stop using Shields then. If you don’t like Brave, go use something else. It’s not that hard. I do get irritated with how you seem to like to just come to shitpost a lot.

Do you ever respond any different whatsoever? Oh right, I know, I just tell you that you are right, and you can be happy.
My true annoyance is with brave’s fanboys. I know I’m a pain in the ass. You don’t see me telling what a browser should be (all I aim for is gratification of the shopper. I care none whatsoever what it is that makes a browser gratifying), because, unlike the general shopper, who’s primary needs are nowhere privacy, my ass doesn’t burn over browsers like chrome selling personal data

You have to understand What an Adblocker is, it’s not a magic solution where it can detect something is broken or not, it doesn’t think for itself, it doesn’t do anything not programmed for, it is a simple ‘robot’ that does what you say and it does it.

I think that’s it what you need to understand in order to see how what you are asking for is not ‘simple’ nor possible to do. why? because the adblocker is not aware is breaking anything, Brave is not aware anything is broken, the only one that can say “I am broken” is the server/web page you are connecting to.
That’s why to ‘fix’ or improve the adblocker, you need to report it properly, so the filter lists can stop causing problems in a page.

But the adblocker can ‘break’ the websites in many different ways, it is not even a single thing the adblocker is doing, and depending on the website, it can detect adblockers based on cosmetic filtering or network filtering, some script that seems okay to block in 99% of websites, might be needed in another one.

Network filtering for example is the one in charge of BLOCKING any element you download in a page, mostly it is used to block scripts, you open Devtools and go to Network tab, well, everything you see in that list is what you can block.

Cosmetics, these don’t block, it only injects CSS properties to HTML elements in a page, the main function is to inject the display: none but Brave has a way to inject any css property, you just need to use :style()

Scriptlet filtering, this is the one done where Brave can inject scriptlets, as you can see, injecting means it can break anything if someone is not careful. Last time, uBlock added a terrible rule that would break a page completely, and it took a day for them to fix it. But it can do amazing things since it is injecting JS into a page, so you can do so much, like change functions or remove cookies or change the way a website behaves like stopping some events from happening.

Then we have Redirection resources, this one is done to ‘replace’ one resource for another, this way for example if a Network filter blocks adsbygoogle.js and the website detects that it is blocked so it says “you got an adblocker there please disable” then a redirect rule can use a fake adsbygoogle.js and make the website pretend it is the real one.

Then we have CSP (Content Security Policy), this is just a big topic by itself and what it does is kind of like it creates a whitelist of origins, like you can allow a page to only load external scripts but not inline scripts or only scripts from brave and don’t allow anything else.

And there are some stuff like removeparm, which was added 2 days ago to brave adblocker, but Brave already had a similar system in place, to remove parameters from the URL.

So as you can see, there are just many ways to deal with ads and trackers and annoyances and just about anything in extensions like uBlock or Adguard and native Brave adblocker.

So how can an adblocker know it is breaking anything? if a list tells it to block every image in a page, it is just following orders, it is not aware of any thing wrong with it.

Now, how do you deal with this?

Well, I do my own fixes, you should see my custom lists, they are filled with just about anything from custom scriptlets to the latest features, I even porter Adguard removeparam list already to my Brave adblocker, why? because it is fun and I don’t see a problem in fixing or finding workarounds to Brave blocking and doing just the same uBlock does even with missing features.

But how can you for example deal with adblocker if it is giving you problems?
I said there are 30 million ways to disable it, I am literally not joking about that.

If you this to whitelist Network filters:
@@*$script, you will be whitelist every script in the specified domain. and done. You can get a list of the types of options you can use besides script although scripts is usually what breaks the websites.

the asterisk (*) means all, so any script from any URL will be whitelisted. If you want to be specific just add a domain or word or whatever, like @@||^$script, domain=whatever if you don’t add a domain, it will be applied to every website so that’s why the domain is for.

you can even just use @@google$script or even @@a$script
but it will obviously try to whitelist everything with google or just with the letter ‘a’ on it, which means, too many obviously.

The first part of the filter (before the $) is you trying to do a ‘search and find’ in URL of the element you want to block or unblock, it is your decision if you want to be more or less specific about it, as you can see in my examples with just using the letter a.

The second part of a network filter, the $ and after, is you being specific what you want to do with the URL, even if a file ends with .js, which means it is javascript, the adblocker technically doesn’t know that, so you add the $script to make it more specific so it should make things more efficient for the adblocker.
Same as $domain= you want to specify the domain to make it work where you want and not in domains you don’t want, anything you add will be structured and separated by a comma, like: $option,option,option

You want to know more about it? you can check this it is outdated by ABP by it explains anchors like || and ^ and wildcard * and how you can use ~ to create like an 'invert" so you can block anything but images in google if you use *$~image,domain=whatever
and you can use ~ in domains and anchor | to add more domains to the list. *$|

Anyway, there is also the new way to disable shields completely
with brave://settings/content/braveShields and add the domains you think you are having problems with and done.

You also can go to brave://settings/shields and individually disable the adblocker or fingerprinting protection.

Do you use Fingerprinting protection at Standard level? I ask because you should, especially if you seem angry about protections breaking things, Strict will break a lot of things in many websites.
Just be aware of that.

But as you can see, it is not hard to deal with Adblocker, but as you can also see it is impossible for Brave to display “we broke a website” when it doesn’t know it is doing so.

There are many more ways to do it, non-official and control the adblocker better like Brave wants to add, but they are not yet there, like how uBlock lets you do it.

Also, let’s not forget how Brave shields can tell you which scripts it is blocking and sometimes you can make sense if you need to whitelist one or more or all.

But that’s why the adblock lists should be improved, you will not do much if you keep complaining about websites breaking if you don’t want to fix it yourself, but you don’t write the proper post so Brave team can fix it.

You see Fanboynz? well, he is the one in charge of that, he either fix it at a Brave only level or he does it in the Easylist/Fanboy lists, which will be useful for other adblockers.

You have the same deal with uBlock anyway. so I don’t understand the whole complaint about the adblocker when Brave has done it easy to disable things and you can use the more advance workarounds to make it better.

But again, I hope you finally understand why you should either, stop using Shields, switch browsers but don’t use uBlock either, and just experience the web the way it was meant to be. With hundreds of ads and trackers and just about any garbage you can find that will slow the loading of the page, use more CPU and more battery and that’s it.

You can also, again, do proper reports of websites you are having problems with and make adblockers better since they will break less sites, if it is adblocker the reason a page was broken, because to be honest, I have seen many people complaining about Brave or Shields breaking page and it is a server issue as well.
But you can make temporary fixes until Brave or 3rd party lists update and bring the fix.

That’s the simple solution, not some unrealistic scenario of Brave telling you every website you visit “I think we broke something, so please make sure we are not causing you any problems, maybe I should disable myself, sorry for the inconvenience”.

I mean, you got many alternatives, but you are choosing the wrong one by making posts like this, just look at you, you still haven’t said which website you are having problems with, or you never changed your category to ‘ad-blocking’ like I said or closed this post and made a new one with the proper information to fix your issue (if it is the adblocker), but then you go ahead and pretend, I am the fanboy because I tell the realistic truth about adblockers. Well, that’s not going to help you either, that’s you stepping into the gaslighting popular republic and getting the citizenship to it right away.

Sometimes I want to use uBlock since it will make my life easier but maybe I just like to mess with Brave adblocker and find workarounds and make uBlock useless, so in my case it is a challenge too. But I also don’t go criticizing the few members working in the adblocker, because they are doing great things, in few months they have been updating and making Brave be closer to uBlock features, not as fast as WE all wish, but they are doing a good job for just one man working pretty much in adblock-rust repo, another man working in the adblock-lists, some more people working in the adblock-resources… etc etc, you get what I mean, it is an okay team doing their best to help you and millions of people.

Humans are the only ones who can fix your issues, so you should ‘help’ them by be patient and make the proper post with the website you are having problems with and the more information the better, even console screenshots and page screenshots and step by step if necessary.
You help yourself, you help them to fix it, you help others that might encounter the same issue as you. Everyone happy.

It’s not a ‘fanboys’ issue, it is a realistic one, and you can choose to disable shields or adblock if you want or make custom rules as well while the problem gets fixed so it is not like you are tied at the mercy of Brave team either.

Have a nice day.

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because it is fun

it is impossible for Brave to display “we broke a website” when it doesn’t know it is doing so

Something is impossible until someone makes it possible.
Also, fun to you. Unlike the billions of chrome users. They get frustrated.
Also, if brave currently has no way of telling which webpages get broken due to Shields, then how about the option to disable Shields to a webpage that is being visited, directly on that webpage, so when a user finds out a webpage is broken, it can disable Shields for that webpage, without the frustrating effort of adding a webpage to the shields’ whitelist, and instead having brave add it automatically?

Again, I don’t care how it gratifies.
Also, the majority of engagement is implicit. When a browser doesn’t gratify, users simply ditch it straight away.

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