Brave continues its broken web functionality

The live chat button on the lower right corner on only shows with trackers & ads and cookie blocking disabled.

This is because the developers of that website made it in a way that it does not work with adblockers.
Not Brave’s fault.

This is a permanent fight. Adblockers try to evolve to block all ads. Ad developers also evolve to trick the adblockers.


The solution is dead simple. Give users the choice between ads and no ads. If ads are the problem for a webpage not functioning, then have something like a message appearing on a webpage that tells end-consumers that ad-blocking is blocking parts of a site, and give the choice between blocking and enabling ads for a webpage. Do this separately for each webpage where parts are blocked due to ad-blocking.

I’m not talking about a specific webpage. The webpage I mentioned is only an example. I created this topic, to tell brave that the general issue of broken webpages continues.
Brave, or whatever is related to it, is not up to me. This is why I give an example of a solution. That way, no matter which webpage, an end-consumer can always choose to turn ads on for a specific webpage. My preference over ad-blockers is irrelevant. I desire to achieve to appeal on the need of the end-consumer.
For some reason, it seems brave forum users continue being annoyed with me.

You can turn off the adblocker on a per-site basis.
the brave icon (which is in orange on the right of the address bar) does this and does not affect your global pre-sets


I’m going to point out a few things as it might help if you care to notice.

Not sure I’d say getting annoyed, but there are issues in communication. It seems a lot of the things you try presenting get presented in the most negative ways. Let’s use this as an example.

  • You encountered a website where ad-block is causing an issue.

Instead of posting “experiencing an issue on and other sites.” From there, you could then have asked what you could to to prevent it or just have shared that so others could look and fix.

But what did you do? You posted:

The phrasing carries a meaning like it ALWAYS has issues and has been ongoing for quite some time.

And if we asked, is that true? The answer is no. Brave’s web functionality works quite well. Will there be issues with sites on occasion? Sure. Hence why there’s a category for #support-and-troubleshooting:web-compatibility where you can report it and Brave will adjust filters.

The exaggerated claims and phrasing in such a way for “drama” tends to get people to not happily receive what you say. But now, let’s go to the next part.

What you’re quoting there is, as Emi pointed out, already here within Brave. You can turn Shields off completely for individual sites or for all sites. So this comment you tossed out is kind of out the window, as your “simple solution” is already there.

But then:

For those aware of how things work, this just shows you don’t understand how ad-blocking works. You see, ad-blocking scripts ALWAYS block parts of a site. It’s how they prevent ads from displaying. If you’re unaware, all ads are programmed in as part of the HTML, CSS, or other form of coding on the page. The more strict you have your ad-blocking, the more chances you have to break sites. Brave tries using base filters that have the least impact, but those ones might cause ads to slip through. So it’s all a fine balance of what a person wants, but it’s not going to be flawless.

And on this, you seem not to have seen or cared about what Emi told you. They answered and informed you there’s no way to know what’s being blocked on the site and if it breaks anything that should be there. It just goes by the rules put in it and that’s it. You don’t have an AI sitting there reading all the content on the screen and analyzing everything. It just knows what type of content typically appears as ads and it blocks it.

This can happen on any random site. So yes, while Emi also told you about what rule broke this one site you mentioned, they also tried telling you it can happen on any random of the nearly 2 billion websites that exist. It happens on any browser where you have ad-blocking.

So after all that said, you talk as if they ONLY told you about issues for a specific webpage when they were answering you for any and all webpages. Plus you doubled down on your first comment of Brave breaking webpages.

And already had explained it’s not a solution and that only “solution” is Users to report and filters be adjusted. That’s it.

You repeated yet again even though people beforehand already told you that you have a choice. Shields can be turned on/off. You ignored what Emi said just right before this. You can see how people would start being annoyed or frustrated, right?

You really do need to stop with this. You’re not running a business or in any way invested with Brave. The average “consumer” hasn’t asked you to speak for them. They can and do regularly speak for themselves. Instead of throwing things out for the “need of the end-consumer” you need to start just speaking for yourself. So far you’ve tried telling everyone what the consumers want, but then articles and other things show you that you’re wrong. Such as happened before on your posts/topics about Brave needing to be faster.

Feedback and opinions can be good. Saying you’re not content with something and wish it could be faster, have increased capabilities, etc is fine.

I mean, suggesting things like AI (artificial intelligence) and/or Machine Learning to be developed and added to Shields would be legitimate. These are things that companies, including Brave, are researching and attempting to build. It would allow it to more closely monitor things and actively prevent broken sites. It also would greatly improve the efficacy of ad-blocking. However, we’re not quite there for technology yet. For now, it just has to go an old fashioned way where people have to go visit random sites and pull the site codes, identify which parts of code is creating ads, then adding that to a filter that way others don’t have to see those ads.


TL:DR of the above @jordy

  • It’s because you pretend to speak for others, but often it has nothing to do with what others want.

  • You tend to ignore what people say, of which there’s evidence on this thread.

  • Your opinions tend to be based on incorrect assumptions and information.

  • Opinions and feedback always can be good. Just have to be willing to hear people out, ask questions, and start phrasing things for yourself rather than saying it’s for others. I think you mean well in it all, but a lot of that combined is enough to frustrate people.

  • Ad-blocking isn’t perfect. That said, you can turn it on/off per site or completely. So things exist that you mentioned.

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Firstly, and no offence, are we going with this again?
Secondly, you really repeat yourself.
Thirdly, again with the ‘opinion’. That one never gets old, does it?
Fourthly, for some reason brave forum users never seem to read what I say. I’m talking about brave doing the job for end-consumers. What brave forum users seem to tell me on many of my topics is ‘you can do things yourself’. Great, you are an exception who does things by them self. Again, I don’t focus on the individual (which other brave forum users also never seem to get).
Fifthly, and to just end things right here, yes, other brave forum users, whatever you say is correct. Happy now?

If you make two comments, of which the second is ‘tl dr’ to the first comment, then why write the first comment in the first place? (Please, don’t answer that question. Again, to just end things, you are correct. Happy now?)

Actually, I am having the same problem so get off your high horse and actually READ what jordy is saying. EVERY site, not “many”, not “most”, EVERY site I go to I need to turn off Brave Shields. It’s usually either the page won’t load, the “submit” button doesn’t work, or the link to open something in a new window doesn’t work. It’s not just jordy and, it likely isn’t "everyone else either, so let’s stop with the extremes nonsense, eh?

I have reached the point where I don’t use Brave for anything having to do with my banking, investment accounts, or purchases because I am sick and effing tired of clicking on “submit” and seeing nothing happen, reporting the site (AGAIN) and then turning off Brave Shield. More times than not I need to re-enter my log on information to get back to where I was to re-enter what I wanted to do.

I want to use Brave on these websites because it is supposed to be very secure. But when the security prevents the user from doing things on websites that are best accessed with a secure browser, it’s useless.

If you want to focus on how my results are different from yours or accuse me of not reading the posts on here, then don’t bother. MY OPINION, like anyone else’s, is formed by MY EXPERIENCE. If your experience differs in a positive manner, then bully for you. I’m happy for you. But it does absolutely NOTHING for those of us who are trying VERY HARD to use this browser and end up fighting it almost every step of the way.

Better to give functionality to show what things are blocked on a site. So, that we can right click on that area and show it easily. Instead of showing all ads by turning off shields. We can show important part of webpage which gets blocked.

Will hopefully fix it.

I just wanna say, even though I said I don’t focus on the individual, just like I said, I talk about the end-consumer, which isn’t about all individuals. I’m talking about the performance to appeal on the need of the end-consumer.

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