Cant Verify (False Device limit)

Cannot verify on mobile, getting an error stating that i have verified the maximum number of devices which is patently false. ive only ever verified on my home desktop pc. I sit at 1/4 unable to verify my SECOND wallet.

Verification being the key step to being able to do anything at all with the BAT “I” have “Earned”.

Anyone else experience this?

@poz Have you ever uninstalled/reinstalled Brave, including perhaps doing a system restore or factory reset on your computer?

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@Saoiray i have, yes. but the pc isnt the issue.

running V1.36.111 on PC and V1.35.103 on mobile (fully updated)

the issue is brave deciding my account has been verified with 4 wallets.
this issue is repeatable on both my mobile and desktop.

Brave doesn’t have a list (afaik) that allows you to view your verified devices/wallets.

that information is all on their end.

so, goodbye to my 50 BAT.

maybe i should start sending apology emails to everyone i recommended this browser to.

@poz Not at all, you’re misunderstanding a few things. First off is that when you said you have uninstalled/reinstalled Brave, then this means you created a new wallet that you linked. This was seen as a new device. Each instance of the browser you put on any device at all has its own unique encryption code and is registered by Brave as a “device.”

When you did a Restore or uninstalled Brave, you then “changed” devices and then attached it to your Uphold/Gemini account. Once you have 4 browsers/devices linked to it, you no longer was able to add more. They did introduce the Wallet unlinking request form you could fill out to have one of the old devices/browsers removed from that. You can read a bit more about it at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

This part said, they are also implementing better self management for wallet limits. You can track the status of that at

It’s assumed they will get it ready at the end of March and be available to us in April, if not sooner. But we’re waiting to see if any issues or what happens.

Regardless, you’ve not lost anything and you still have solutions.

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I’ll look into that, thank you for your effort towards enlightneing me. it seems this is a shared issue between me and half the population of these forums.
fingers crossed for that Miyayes github deployment.

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