Unable to verify wallet on android phone (post unlink request)

I already have a verified Uphold account and have previously connected browser wallets to it on both android and windows
But I’m not able to verify my wallet on my current android (upgraded my phone)
I have already made an unlink request previously and it was successfully executed but I’m still not able to link my current browser wallet on android

On a side note I heard there is gonna be an upgrade rolled out which will remove this device limit entirely. So when will it come ?

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Hey there! Same issue here, been locked out for a couple of months now (Also new phone upgrade). I tried unlinking other devices and still same issue. Where did you hear about this update? I’d be interested in following it’s progress.

@Brave please help us!

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I’m not sure I can help you. However, I’m sure those who can will need more info. For example, where are you trying to connect to (Gemini or Uphold)? What errors are you getting when trying to connect?

However, this may answer your question: The device limit is set to four devices for Uphold. I do not believe Gemini has a limit, but I could be long about this. More info here: https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360056508071-How-many-Brave-Rewards-wallets-can-be-linked-to-my-crypto-custodian-account-/

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Four devices means ANY DEVICE HOOKED UP. You cannot erase them by not using one of them. That means four Brave installs.

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There is an application you can submit for unlinking previous.
Find the link for the same here Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Good Afternoon Brave Support,

After completing the form, I have not received a confirmation email that this has been received. Can you confirm on your end that this information has been submitted?

Just wanted to reply back on this thread and let others know that after submitting my form again, Brave support quickly responded and resolved my issue by following Mattches instructions. I am now able to start stacking BAT on my OnePlus 8

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