Problem with stats found[for dev team]

Hi, hopefully someone from dev team has spotted what’s wrong, if not then here’s the problem. When creators connect their Uphold wallet to Brave creator program then they are transferred to old Uphold page however for many people old Uphold page does not work when they login and error comes up saying that “Uphold is not available” however when they login to new Uphold page there is no issue and no error comes up. It looks like Uphold started to deactivate old page. Good solution would be to make users connect through new Uphold page instead of old one. And also people’s account might state the account is connected because the account is active it just cannot connect to actual wallets like BAT wallet so stats don’t show.

HI @ninjako3211, what’s the email linked to your account? this is my email however I don’t know how this can solve issue. Many people have this issue and it’s on Uphold side as they deactivated old website.

Hi @ninjako3211, it looks like your account is blocked by Uphold. You’ll need to reach out to Uphold support for assistance.

I still can access my account just not through old page. It does not seem like my account is blocked.

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