Cant link Uphold

I had my Uphold linked for a year now it said I had to relink it and I can not. It keeps saying “Could not configure BAT deposits for Uphold”. Whats going on?

What region are you from?

USA and it said Uphold works here.

Yes it does. Did you change your Uphold password recently?

I have not. After it told me it link wasn’t working anymore, I went to uphold unlinked it from there and from Braves dashboard and tried again. Uphold shows its linked brave does not.

To be blunt, we’ve had people post about this in the past but I never saw any responses or follow-ups. As nobody said anything, it automatically closed with no resolution (or at least people who shared the issue never said if it was resolved or still broken). As a result, I don’t really have any ideas on what causes it and I’m not going to throw out random guesses.

I would highly suggest you submit a Creator’s Support Ticket so someone from Brave can try to work with you on it and help get things resolved. Regardless of the outcome, I do hope you can think to respond here with updates. This is especially the case if Support does end up figuring out the problem and you can share what they tell you.

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Probably a glitch. I will suggest waiting for a few hours and then trying.

Ill try that and report back.

Been retrying over the past week. Doesn’t seem to care at what time or day. Just can not relink them

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Sure. As @Saoiray already mentioned, raise a ticket.

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