Problem with new phone and YouTube

So I got a new phone from Huawei and I am using the brave browser. because it has the background playback feature. but it doesn’t work well when I lock the screen. it will stop playing after a few minutes sometimes it last 10 minutes other times only seconds. and sometimes the browser crashes. if it didn’t crash the video will play again when I unlock the screen instantly. however It will play fine when I open other apps like right now I am typing this on the phone and playing a video in the background. but if I turn the screen off i will have some issues. and I still have my old phone and it works well on there. sometimes it wouldn’t switch to the next video in a Playlist automatically but that was not a big deal.

OK update it seems to work fine with live streams but not regular videos. I also tried the Vivaldi browser it has a similar feature but it has the same problem. I asked around online but almost nobody answers. but I think it only affects some phones.

Update I have found a solution but it’s not a great one. I have factory reseted my phone after the the entire phone beame broken and refused to open any apps. and now it works well

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