Background play video

Salam .I am going through settings and enabling background video play. After this play YouTube ,close phone, then stops .even desktop is not working.

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what is Your brave version and os please?

Brave 1.3,2. Chromium 76.0.3809.132

I am waiting for an answer

@eljuno would take it from here

Thanks @Dgenies. Apologies for late response, @Keller1.

I’m unable to reproduce it on my end. Brave play video in background as expected.

Can you share a screenshot of the “Background video playback” setting on your end? Also, what is your Android version?

Thanks for the info, @Keller1. I’m still unable to reproduce it on my end. It’s work as expected – video played in the background.

Can you try switch to desktop mode? When on YouTube, click three dots menu > Desktop site.

Also cc @Mattches @sriram for additional help.

Did this it says open with vlc, photos, or huawei video. The problem is with your app. I got a link from Firefox. Add it to chrome. Desktop site. It’s working.

I’m confused – you’re saying that you’ve done this with Firefox and Chrome and it worked, but FF and Chrome don’t have background video play options?

Peace, background video playback working good .thanks