Background video playback doesn't work properly

I have a problem with music/video(Youtube) background playback… it just doesn’t work properly. “Background video playback” setting is enabled. When I start listening to music and switch to another application, the music stops or starts interrupting. Also, when I lock the device(turn of the screen), the music stops after ~30sec.

The device is Huawei Y7 2019
Android version: 8.1.0
EMUI version: 8.2.0
Brave version: 1.8.112

Thank you for reaching out to us.
So does this only happen when playing video content on Youtube specifically, or does this happen for any/all sites that display video content?

Just checked … only happens on Youtube.

Interesting – can you try clearing you cache/site data for Youtube specifically and see if you get the same results? You can do this by going to in the browser, clicking the “lock” icon in the address bar and selecting Site settings --> Clear data

Hello, guys! I had this problem for a while and there are some solutions. One of them is to restart background video playback everytime you get to YouTube from brave’s settings, but this is annoying. The real thing: google started patching and protecting against premium based methods obtained via browsers through it’s Android System Webview module. Perhaps they know we’re trying to get YouTube premium for free. I found this method this night because the last version of webview is power hungry. What you need? A version of webview older than Nov. 2019. How to get it? 1. Go to Play Store and disable auto updates from settings, accessed through the menu.
2. Go to settings on your phone, go to apps, click the dots for options and press uninstall updates.
After that, the problem is no longer there!
Enjoy YouTube premium! :blush:

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