Brave stopping once played video in playlist ends when phone is locked


When I use Youtube to playback video in the background the videoplayer just shuts down as soon as one song ends.

Steps to Reproduce:

1 - Open youtube in brave browser
2 - Start a Video in a playlist
3 - lock screen
4 - skip or wait till video ends

Actual Result: Videoplayer closes

Expected result: Next video starts playing

Reproduces how often: every time any video ends (even while there is clearly another video queued to play next)

Operating System and Brave Version:
Brave 1.56.20, Chromium 115.0.5790.171
Android 13; Build/TP1A.220624.014

Additional Information:
The Video player resumes function once you unlock your screen and open the browser again.

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Same here wit a Samsung J7. Not having that issue with my old Nokia 4.2.

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