Problem with my Brave wallet

I recently purchased some ETH, and now , for no reasons, it reamins stuck on my wallet, i can’t do anything with it, i can’t send it, sale it, transfer it… Can someone Help please?

Thanks you

Could you give some more information about if you are getting an error of some kind when sending a transaction?
What does the transaction status show?
Did you make a transaction successfully?

Both Gemini and Uphold wallets are not available in my country how do i deal with this?

It sounds like you mean the Rewards feature in Brave and not the self custody wallet. I’ll move this over to the rewards category. If you have virtual BAT and can’t convert it to Uphold, Gemini or BitFlyer because they’re not available in your country, then you could send it as a tip to a creator or auto contribute based on your browsing history. Unfortunately there is no other option.

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