Reward in wallet are gone!

This is so difficult to get support on brave!

My BAT from previous month is gone and also on my triangle icon is a number 1 I don’t know why
How can this be resolved?

I also have linked a gemini wallet and i want to send a mail to the brave help center and you need to fill in your wallet ID but when i go to rewards-internals they say my wallet isnt verriefied?

Al those things very hard to find how difficult can you make et for people to get help?

Not sure what is going on, but I personally (and nothing personal against your judgement) found gemini to be very unreliable, they would not verify my passport, so I could not transfer in, or buy any crypto. Uphold did the same day, even after joining again, after deleting an old account on a previous email. I do hope you get it sorted though, it is never nice.

Yeah i Just choose the first wallet ive heard the name gemini before that was the reason i don’t have problem with gemini

But i still have problem with my wallet and i send a mail to help center but No response and there is’t a’y deposit to my gemini wallet so i didnt receive anyithing

Brave should have a help center that really help you with questions in i see much people with problems in there wallet i know it isnt a scam but they act like scammers

Where do i need to be to get really help with my problem and also a solution?

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