Problem With Brave Wallet and Uphold KYC

I’m having a problem with Brave Rewards. When I want to use my wallet with Uphold, it shows as ‘Pending’. KYC seems incomplete. But I have completed the KYC verification. I even received and transferred payments from different apps to the Uphold account I use. So My UPHOLD is already active and verified.

When I discussed the issue with Uphold Support, they said that the problem was not caused by them and that I should contact Brave Support. I don’t lost my BATs.

Any ideas?

Country: Turkey
My OS: MacOS Big Sur
Brave Version: 1.36.122 Chromium: 99.0.4844.88

A lot of users experience an issue if their Uphold Profile information is not completely entered, especially the address.

  • Make sure all your personal information in your Uphold account is accurate and complete. For example, Uphold will verify your account with an incomplete address, but Brave needs your full address, including street number, street, city, etc.

Sorry, that is the only thing I can suggest you try. Please post an update after you check your Profile information.

I Understand but this is not enough. My all information are correct and completed. So my Uphold Wallet is already shows “Verified”…

Can you provide a screenshot of the message you are getting or provide the exact text in English? The information may help.

I really don’t have any other suggestions if you have confirmed your Profile information is entered correctly. You could try disabling extensions if you have them, clearing history/cache, exiting the browser and reopening. That seems to be catchall suggestions for a variety of problems. Maybe it will help in your case too.

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