No Ads since three months

For three months I haven’t gotten any ads anymore, I tried to uninstall brave and reinstall it several times but nothing has changed. What can i do to fix it?
I’m from Italy, could it be a problem for the rewards?

Try a VPN app & set location to USA.
Any VPN will work fine.

I have the same problem, i probably could use a VPN but that’s an issue from the browser and it needs to be fixed, no ?
Barely no ads for three months, currently i have approxymately 2 or 3 ads per day, maximum. Someday i have none.
Please tell us that you’re working on that…

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do you know free vpn that work well?

Yes, but why should i find a way to get around a problem that Brave has to fix ?
Apparently it’s a current problem. If it was just me, i could be okay with it, but that’s a real issue.
And generaly, free VPN means lower connexion, so it’s an issue again.

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Even I get less ads with VPN, but using since I get atleast something, VPN reduces my network speed. :disappointed:

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There’s a VPN named “Brave VPN”.
(It’s not from Brave though :smile:)

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