Problem with bookmarks functionality

when I use the bookmarks feature and try to drag and drop bookmarks into a folder, I am constantly and randomly redirected to the very top of my list. Extremely frustrating experience and makes my bookmark-dump folder “misc” effectively useless, I am unable to transfer my saved recipes into my dedicated “recipe” folder. Please address this bug.

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Need your

  • computing device make and model
  • operating system for that device
  • Brave Browser version number

Where is your “misc” folder?

Mac OS, my guess would be (one of the three following folders):


Windows OS, my guess would be:


My testing:

I experimented a little, with my Mac computer . . . drag-and-drop . . . to a folder on the Mac Desktop, without trouble.

I did those drag-and-drop steps from the Brave Browser > Bookmarks Manager window.

My Bookmarks collection is large in number, including many folders and some sub-folders therein. While testing, there were no redirects; the Bookmarks Manager window remained stable.

I tried to find the folder in file explorer following your instructions (windows) and it just goes to my desktop? which doesn’t have my bookmarks / any brave-browser related stuff?

Thanks for the quick reply

warning: I am not computer savvy


Might be handy as you meander along the learning curve:

Meanwhile, maybe create a new folder named “Recipe_Bkmks” on your Windows machine Desktop, and practice drag-n-drop of your recipe bookmarks, from the Brave Browser Bookmarks Manager window, to that folder.

BTW, when you commence to move the mouse – move it to the right and toward the target folder (I usually have such a folder Open and situated for easily making the move) . . . not up or down, relative to the Bookmarks Manager window, because up / down might be construed by the Bookmarks Manager window, as intent to relocate the bookmark witin the Bookmarks structure.

Literally the same thing happens to me.
When I am editing/deleting/moving bookmarks via drag and drop every few turns, it goes straight to the top.
It not only happens to the extra bookmarks folder, but also to the main toolbar folder.