Move bookmarks and folders around .. drag and drop


A feature to move bookmarks and folders around by drag and drop please.


Hi @e2noch,
Is this request for desktop or mobile?


I think there is a voting system going to be attached to Brave Feature Requests soon and I think it would be more suitable if this topic was re-titled ‘Improve Bookmarks Management’, so we can discuss all the ways it can be improved.

I’ve read many users type about Vivaldi’s functionality and how unique it is and I’d wish Brave would do the same. Having migrated many bookmarks over from another browser inlcuding Brave’s deprecated Muon version, everything is so messy and disorganised and I’m not even contemplating managing anything in that section until Brave does something.

Bookmarks from a UI standpoint looks so typical and I understand there is work being done on that part but I wish Brave would do something more different from a UX standpoint as well and making the management of hundreds of links/files/bookmarks so easy to manage, organise and sort no matter how it is migrated into Brave-Core.


I was asking for desktop but if such a feature was in mobile that would be good too.


Which version that you use @e2noch? You can get that via Menu > About Brave. And which OS?

Brave on desktop is able to reorganize bookmarks and folder by drag and drop it. So it may an issue rather than a request. :slightly_smiling_face: