How to mange bookmarks

How to manage bookmarks?

I’m new to Brave, I’ve just imported my bookmarks from safari, But as the layout of bookmarks is slightly different in Brave I want to reorder and move the folders around changing the hierarchy. There are 40 odd folders with folders in folders and hundreds of links in the folders.

I was hoping I could drag and drop? but it seems not.

The only way i can figure out to do this it to create a new folder in the location i want it and then drag the contents of the old folder to the new folder location and delete the old folder. This will take hours! Is there a better way?

Brave Version( Version 1.10.93 Chromium: 83.0.4103.106 (Official Build) (64-bit):


It should works. What happened when you tried drag and drop? You tried it via brave:bookmarks right?

I’ve sought a legitimate bookmarks process for 6 months.

If I drag and drop I do not get an HTML file, but rather a system icon.

Attempting to open it in another profile results in fail.

Hi eljuno,
Thanks for getting back to me. Yes in some situations i can drag and drop. but I can not drag a folder in all circumstances.

for instance. I can not drag a folder from the main window to the side window to create a new master folder. I can only drag into an existing folder?

I also can’t rename a folder in the side menu?

In the import process Brave has put all the bookmarks from Safari into one folder called bookmarks. I don’t need this extra higher file level, it takes up screen space. and makes bookmarks harder to find.

So to move them it seems I have to create around 40 new folders and manually drag the contents of each folder to its new folder. It will take an age! So long in fact my continued use of Brave at this point is questionable. If importing bookmarks is a fail at the first fence !!!

Can some one confirm what i am saying is right and that i am not missing something some where?

Finally this may be for another post, but once i have my bookmarks and settings all set up. I am assuming there is a way to auto populate these settings and bookmarks and keep them up to date across multiple Macs and IOS devises?


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