Bookmark organization


I recently decided to give Brave a try again as my main browser in the hopes that the issues I’ve previously encountered would be resolved or improved, but I’m noticing something with bookmark organization I still don’t quite understand with Brave.

I’m importing into Brave my Firefox Bookmarks. In Firefox, I have bookmarks in the browser’s toolbar, and I have a separate bunch in the Bookmark dropdown menu. These are 2 separate locations. Brave seems to just throw everything into the toolbar, and when you click on the Bookmark’s dropdown menu, everything from the toolbar is there as well. It won’t allow me to create a folder just for toolbar usage, and one for the dropdown menu usage. How can I maintain this exact structure that I had in Firefox? I don’t want everything on the toolbar, I want them within their own respective sections (toolbar bookmarks, and menu bookmarks). How can I do this? Or does Brave just put everything in the toolbar without the option to reorganize otherwise?

Thank you so much!


Move bookmarks from firefox’s bookmarks menu into “other bookmarks” folder in brave. It will appear on bookmarks toolbar as dropdown menu.

Ya I saw that as an option, but I don’t want to get my main menu items from a folder added on the toolbar, I’m really trying to replicate what all other browsers offer: One section for toolbar items, and a separate section for my dropdown menu items. Thanks though!

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