Multiple bookmark problems


I use Brave on Windows. Love the browser but bookmarks are not there yet. I have hundreds of bookmarks which I imported from another browser. When I looked at them from the toolbar, I cannot see many of the bookmarks in sub folders off the right side of the screen. There is no button to get to the bookmarks outside of toolbar. When I tried to move them out of 1 giant folder on the toolbar, sync messed up and the changes were not reflected, in fact they are completely gone. I need bookmarks to work in order to use this as my default browser.

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Howdy. You’re not alone in not liking the handling of bookmarks (:wave:, and I’m pretty sure that’s something the devs are working to improve, though I can’t find a page to back me up on that at the moment.

There should be a small “>>” button just to the left of the “Other Bookmarks” item on the right of the Brave window that gives access to folders cut off from the toolbar, though:

If that’s not showing up, then … I dunno, weird. Unless the folders you’re looking for aren’t subfolders of the bookmarks toolbar folder, but your description suggests they are after trying them elsewhere. And, yeah, Brave won’t let you keep any bookmarks outside of the toolbar folder or the “Other Bookmarks” folder in any usable manner, which you’re also not alone in disliking (:wave:). I don’t know whether that’s going to change.

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I agree with the both of you. Probably every other major user of Brave also agrees that its difficult to navigate Bookmarks.

In their Roadmaps the closet thing I could find relating to this is:

  • More UI customizations to differentiate from Chrome look
  • Restyling bookmarks, history, preferences

I mentioned this many-a-time about them taking a Vivaldi like approach to certain features and functionality but I’m sure they dislike it as much as we do, so perhaps they’ll do something a bit more unique rather than a simple UI change for bugging us for this long. :slight_smile:



Thanks for reaching out.
So “problems” is a strong word here – by this I mean that the behavior you described (with the exception of the issue with Sync ) is the expected behavior. So it is working properly – it’s just not super intuitive.

That said, I’ve managed this personally but doing what you did – drop all bookmarks (or bm folders) into the bookmarks toolbar. This will now be displayed on the bm toolbar in order. Given this, I’ve simply moved anything I want on the toolbar to the top of the list to fill the available space in the toolbar. Any overflow, as @hnktong points out, can be viewed by clicking the arrows on the right-hand side of the bar:

Any sub-folders that contain bookmarks will also appear here, which should allow you to organize your bms effectively without having to move them into Other bookmarks.

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