Private Window with TOR -> no real onion routing through TOR-network?

Hello Community,

  1. it seems that when I use the “private window” and try to call different websites like “” - they tell me the same source-ip as if I use my default window (without “private TOR”),
    thus I fear my private windows is not actually using TOR-network with onion-routing???

  2. Is some sort of network-security inside my LAN blocking TOR-access? How would/could Brave tell me that the private TOR-connection could not be established?

  3. Or - maybe - I haven’t actually understood the feature of the private window?

  • Is the private window transparently enabling a connection via TOR-network? (like setting up an internal SOCKs-proxy)?

Please give me more input about this feature…

PS: Winx64 v1903, Brave v1.0.1 build 78.0.3904.108


Are you sure you open a Private Window with Tor and not a “normal” Private Window? Click the hamburger menu at upper-right for the option.

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Hey eljuno,
you were right - I was just in the “simple private window” instead of the “Tor”-window.
Now it works just fine :wink:

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