New window with tor

new private window with tor now simply says new private window and is not connecting to a tor network. can someone let me know why this has changed??? thnks!

Hello @poolshark111, thank you for contacting us. Have you tried deleting cookies and cache recently? Do you use a VPN? Please check if the shield configuration changes in the private window with TOR or disabling shields to see if it goes through. Also, could you please share a screenshot with the specific error you are getting. Thanks in advance.

private with tor not even showing as an option. cleared all caches and event logs, restarted and still nothing. I am using proton vpn but has never affected the options in drop down menu.

Go to brave://settings/privacy
and check if you have the TOR enabled

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thanks…I feel stoopid having it be something so easy. I didn’t change it but it must have shut off during an update. thx agin!

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